Monday, February 9, 2009


Feudalism in Iran and in the most part of central asia did not have the same structure and shape than in Europe . The severe and distinctive hierarchy which existed between the landlords in european medieval era , with all its material emblems , symbols and titles and the rituals around them , were missing in asian countries and regions , so the most usual title for a landlord was the title of 'Khan' and 'Amir' . The title of 'Mirza' was a diminutive for the persian word of 'Amir-Zadeh' which means 'the offspring of an Amir'. The word 'Amir' could designate a prince , a governor or a clan or tribe's supreme chef or head.

My father , Mirza Hossein , who was indeed the son of an Amir ,('Mirza-Soleyman-Khan-Ulug.Beg' , grandson of the Prince of 'Ferghanah' , who was a Colonel under 'Nassereddin-Shah-Qajar' regency, shown in the sketches posted) ,had essentially an humble nature and disliked all sort of megalomania and arrogance , so he never talked about his noble origin but was rather a zealous scholar always in the quest of knowledge. To him , knowledge and science were the most important goals worth to be pursuing by any human being .

I was born in Tabriz , few years after the end of World War I , in an upset and unrestful surrounding but in a family which still followed the best and noble human values .

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