Thursday, March 12, 2009


In my previous post , part 8 , I talked about our life in Tehran in the early 60 and my struggles with the economic situation of the society and all my concerns for the future of my children and family. Also I intended to develop all the socio-economic changes which happened in the late 60's and early 70's in Iran that provoked the appearance of new wealthy social groups and notable 'frontiers' which separated strongly social layers and 'classes' in the society , and then I pushed forward the concept of 'injustice' . Now I think that it would be useless to recount what we can find in historical manuals and archives done by remarkable experts in this field .

But instead I reconsider my memory of that time and try to put it in another context or a different perspective which is the one we live today in 2009 . In the 2 last decades the 'shape' of our world has recieved such an incredible transformations that talking about a singular state of the iranian society and my private and personal concerns of those times seem somehow strange and off-topic .

Today when I consider all the troubles and misery of a lot of countries and regions all around the world and also all the people who suffer the multiple sort of diseases , poverty and discriminations , and when I put all the events of my personal life in such a context , first I consider myself and my family somehow 'privileged' and on the other hand it makes me thinking and revising my point of view about the 'justice' and about the 'human condition' in general .

Somewhere I read that 'there is nothing new under the sun' , and what happens today is just like what happened thousands years ago , because the human nature remained the same . Sometimes I ask myself that if all the new inventions in all fields of science , medecine and technology could improve the life of todays humanity and if we have became more 'wise' and more 'intelligent' because of all our 'knowledge' , why do we repeat all the 'mistakes' of our ancestors ? Where we should find the 'justice' ? Is there a sort of 'universal justice' or all 'justice' is applicable relatively ?

One of our iranian poet of the past compared this world to a mountain which reflects our voice : if we whisper , we will recieve the reflection of our whispering and if we shout loudly , we will hear the same harsh reflection of our loud crying . This is a part of the reality that we ripe what we sow and each 'effect' has necessarily a 'cause' , but it is not always true . Most of the time we are witnesses of the 'condemnation' of very meak and innocent people , sometimes we see that very honest and good persons victims of the torments of the damned , so we begin doubting about the 'justice' . Maybe we should consider the universe and our world which is a tiny part of the universe as the chinese philosophy does it , taking it as a 'yin-yan' entity and never being surprised by the singularity of the singular things .

In my opinion , we should always consider our bearings and genetic inheritance , we notice that some people , all around the world in any society and culture , with various sort of social , economic or educational background are more susceptible and exposed to desperation or mental unballance and disturbance . Some of them follow their bend down and became harmful for themselves and for others . Here I ask myself if this 'tendancy' is not in itself a sort of 'atavic justice ' or the 'revenge' of the ancestors genes which was somewhere hidden in the genetic code to appear suddenly and taking revenge of some 'unknown' frustrations ? Aren't they a sort of incarnation of a 'justice' that we find no explanation for them ?

I will try to develop all these concepts in my next post : 'what is just' , what is the 'justice' and where it is , and what is the 'innocence' .

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