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By:Sir Teymur Roshdi
Copyright@2010-Sir Teymur Roshdi

DREAMS! is a philosophical article I wrote based on the film
of James Mangold,'Kate&Leopold'. I tried to see why we do like so much
all the fairy tales and why we prefer mostly the dreams than the 'reality'
of our daily life.Dreams are sometimes so beautiful that we are ready to
admit and accept them as a truth. I tried to suppose the 'location' of such
a potential...

Few days ago, Kate, before her casual encounter and her short-term
acquaintance and familiarity with Leopold, was the most rational, the
most realistic and the most pragmatic young woman who could exist.
Despite of her intimacy with Stuart, she never believed a word of him
about his physics 'theory' related to 'time portal' or 'time travel'. In fact
she considered him 'mentally ill'.
On the other hand this same young woman in the eyes of her boss JJ,
was a rare specimen among women, the only one who never used to
become 'prey of dillusion' or some 'illusions', always lucid, she was
never obsessed with 'beauty' or 'seduction', considering everything
with 'objectivity'.
Now Kate was in love with Leopold and ready to throw herself over
the bridge, the only way to join Leopold. Because of this love , she
renounced and gave up all her career ambitions and 'believed' every-
thing about the 'time portal' Stuart explained briefly in the taxi. On the
bridge, it didn't matter anymore if she would be collapsed on the ground
or drowned in the water, she was ready to believe all sort of 'nonsense
fairy tales', 'time portal' included. The hope of finding and joining
Leopold was so strong that living without the man she loved had no
In fact, Kate was ready to die. What happened then to her rationality
or her 'lucidity'? Did love make her 'crazy' ?


Why we dream about a perfect world where everything is possible ?
Why the beauty of dreams is so attractive that we take it as a truth ?
Why do we become depressed or mad when our dreams don't come
true or we commit suicide because of this failure ?
Why we dream about an eternal happiness and we prefer more often
the fairy tales and myths to the 'reality' of the 'real world'? Why we are
so attracted by the science-fiction stories where all the laws of nature
are broken? Weren't we before somewhere which was absolutely
perfect, a sort of 'paradise' that we kept its 'memory' in a hidden and
unknown corner of our brain, which appears time to time in our
consciousness? Why do we aspire after this 'lost paradise'?
Why do we consider 'death' as an injustice and we mourn the 'lost'
of our beloved ones? Don't we all wish to spend an 'eternal happy life'
with them? Why do we refer often to the past and speculate on the
events happened and everything done, wishing to change the whole
pattern or their trend in order they become pleasant and perfect with
the hope of restoring the losses, the failures and the damages?

Maybe all the fairy tales and myths remind us this far and forgotten
experience we had 'somewhere' or 'someday' . Aren't all the works
and creations of all 'artists' in painting, architecture, music, poetry,
story-writing, film producing and so , the reminiscence of this lost world
of our 'past' in the universe, a world of magnificent palaces and
gardens inhabited only by princes and princesses? Then we regret
that we have been entrapped in this 'ugly', 'defective' spacetime
'dimension' ruled by the strict laws of nature.
Our nostalgia of a perfect world doesn't mean that such a world had
existed and we were 'living' there as a part of it ?

Why do we procreate? Why do we produce all sort of creative works
in all fields? Isn't it our aspiration and eagerness to leave a trace of
our existence in this 'finite' world and to transmit to the posterity
everything we have and anything we are and 'eternize' ourselves?

Isn't the essence or the secret key of all our endeavours some sort of
'love' ? The same love which unifies two living creatures for procreation,
stimulates the musicians, poets, painters, architects and all artists to
create works which would resist the 'flow' of time and would last maybe

Why do we like so much travelling and why the travels mean so much
to us? Always travelling and moving , doesn't matter if it is in space or
in time , but always moving and travelling.
What is the purpose of all our moving or travelling? The quest of
perfection or escaping our 'miserable' human condition? Finding some
new horizons to forget our temporality, imperfection or to join our beloved
ones? Given each 'space' has its own 'past', 'time' or 'history', aren't
all our 'displacements' and moving in 'space',consequently a sort of time
travel ?

Why we crave so much for time travelling? To find our lost beloved ones
or to see our descendants or simply because of 'scientific' curiosity ?
The love of finding all the dearest ones we lost or the love of joining
the man or the woman of our dreams doesn't mean that we all aspire
to become one soul with them because somewhere in the memory of the
Universe we were just One ?


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