Saturday, February 14, 2009


My wife has always been the greatest support of my life. She was beside me in all circumstances which were not very easy. She had a strong personality and was always the best advisor for me . I met her in a family gathering in Tabriz and I loved her at the first glance . She was the daughter of a distant cousin of my father , still a Qajar , very well known in Tabiz , because at those desperate times after the World War II , being an accredited physician (medical doctor) in Iran was something rare. I asked the Doctor 'Mirza-Ahmad-Khan-Mohtasham' , for the hand of her daughter 'Nur-Malak-Banoo' for marriage . Dr. Mirza-Ahmad-Khan was a very nice and comprehensive man and he accepted my proposal , of course with the agreement of all the family members we were happily married and she became the light of my life. She was and still is the only woman I knew , who became the mother of my sons . I always found her the most beautiful woman ever , I loved her dearly and cherrishing her in my heart . Maybe without her I would never had a stable family I longed for so eagerly . I posted her photos and the ones of my sons here on this blog.

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