Monday, February 16, 2009


My childhood was a strange one . I was the witness of lot of disturbing events , as if they were condensed especially for me in order I take the necessary lessons for managing my future life. The events and the experiences which put their impact in my young soul , were in fact the ones that a person could get through a lifetime of some decades , so I could say that at the age of 7 or 8 I became a developped boy with an hyperactive sensitivity and state of mind . Since then I could judging everything and 'knowing' and 'distinguishing' the difference between the 'bad ' and the 'good' . By some natural layout I was attracted by the 'good' and still tried to keep my distance from what i considered as 'bad' . The bad for me was the incarnation of the hatred , the anger ,the violence , the cruelty , the fight , the vulgarity and the ignorance . So i decided to walk always in all 'good' ways .

At those times , the years after the WW I , because of the oil , Iran was the battle field of the big powers, and also the battle field of all the fractions or sympathizers of the foreigner powers that willingly or incounscously created them , and a numerous 'idle agitators 'and vulgar people for whom the only goal was to take advantages of the chaotic state which prevailed the social situation in Iran in general , and in northwestern region in particularily , joined the previous groups .

Because since the beginning I understood and realized that all those 'sympathizers' were under the influence of demagogical 'ideologies' and couldn't see that how much they were the ' toys' in the hands of political cynicism , I opted for the 'isolation' and individual independancy , and so , step by step i began building my own way which was the way of never becoming involved in any 'cause' as 'promising' and as 'beautifuly bright ' it could seem .

When i attended the primary school at the age of 8 , i was already an aware 'formed' boy .

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