Saturday, February 28, 2009


Although my father pertained to the nobility and was the son of an Officer-Khan (already mentioned in the 5th part) , he never stressed on expanding properties and wealth , in fact , he never considered it as a 'goal' of his life . Because of his extreme interest and vocation in science and knowledge , he did not become a 'wealthy' or a 'rich' man , and we just lived with the monthly income of his work as a professor and researcher .

He believed that one should try to accumulate 'wealth' in the mind in order that if some misfortune damages the material properties , the mind's 'wealth' remains intact .

Based on this sort of philosophy and point of view , my father wished that I get the best education . But given he could not pay the expenses of my academic formation in the best school and college of Tabriz , and because he was persistent in his wish , after having a discussion with the Principal Director of that school/college , the one who knew very well my father because as I mentioned previously , my father was a well-known scholar of Tabriz , he accepted me as an honorarily student .

I was 9 when supposed to begin my studies , but given I already learned the basic literacy and knowledge at home with the help of my father , the Principal Director after testing my intelligence and knowledge , decided to integrating me among the 10 years old students .

I spent 11 years to achieve my studies with 'Very Good Grade' , also I was rewarded as one of the 20 best students of that college .

Here I should stress on this fact that on those times in Iran , the Degree I got then was the equivalent of some post-Ph-D of todays universities because of the quality and the extent of all the matters I studied .

My basic formation was in the field of architecture I chose because of my artistic vocation and also because of my notable talent in maths .

Through all those eleven years of study , I never stopped working as an artist-painter to support the financial situation of my parents and also to pay some part of the expenses of my studies in that college. Already at the age of 12 I could sell regularily my artworks .

Meanwhile I tied some friendship with the best students of architecture of the college , the ones who became later my colleagues of projects of work after graduating . In this manner I was one among all those who participate in the project of the foundation of the modern buildings of Tabris of those times , the years before my marriage and before our moving to Tehran .

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